A Validated Assessment Tool for Close Relationships

This company started with developing and offering a validated assessment tool for couple relationships. In 2019, Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh and I developed and validated an inventory with 12 scales and assessments that would look closely into the fundamentals, dynamics and outcomes of couple relationships. The end result was called “Relationship Panoramic Inventory” (RPI), which was used by hundreds of couples and tens of providers from across the globe.

Certain elements of the RPI are direct lifts from the scales developed earlier and were part of the Pyramic of Self-Awareness Scale (PSAS), namely the Connection Style, Thinking Style, Thinking Content and Personal Values. To make the tool more comprehensive, we added some assessments looking into Healthy Financial Attitude, Positive & Negative Emotions, Personal Identity, Shared Vision, among several others. However, the core of this Inventory, as you will see, has been the Emergent Love Scale, which is grounded on Dr. Sara’s decade-long research with her clients.

Co-founder and CEO

Since Relationship Panoramic’s inception, my role has been to run the company from behind the scenes. That involved hiring and on-boarding the employees and contractors working for the company, and especially making sure the operations to run the tests are efficient, accurate and adherent to the highest standards possible.

As a California Benefit Corporation, we strive to offer services that are truly beneficial to the public and by promoting healthy relationships, we contribute to our society’s relational health and well-being.